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 Go Dive Milos offers you the possibility of different scuba diving sites from the boat or the shore depending on prevailing weather conditions for all levels of certified divers, even for those that they want to discover scuba diving for once. All diving sites are very close (about 10-20 min away) and offering to our clients the possibility to organize their vacations more easily and better.

New dive sites are being regularly added to the list in order to offer an even larger selection to our guests:

ARKOUDES: The rocks called “Arkoudes” (meaning bears) are located on the entrance of Milos bay next to Plathiena.
It is nature's sculpture game on the surface of these two rocks making them look like real bears which astonish every visitor with beauty and originality.
Nature has made it's miracles on two rocks, thus giving the island of Milos another
interesting place of discovery for travelers.

The weather-protected cove of Patrikia, on the south side of the bay of Milos, includes 5 small beaches can offer safe dives and relaxing snorkeling. Moreover you can “discover” there the magic of scuba diving. Needless to say that the combination of sandy and rocky bottom will offer you incredible memories.

RIVARI: A small beautiful volcanic reef coming out of the sea with incredible aquatic life. Unique landscape with its underwater citizens waiting for you in order to keep you an enthusiastic companion to your diving explorations.

CAPE VANI: It is located at the NW tip of Milos. Millions of years ago, the area was the muddy floor of a submarine crater, where rocks rich in manganese gradually formed life. The appropriate setting in the wild landscape, the rocks in shades of red and black and dilapidated facilities that reach the sea. Apart from that you can admire its wild underwater life below the deep blue waters.

KLIMA: There you will admire “sirmata”. This word is used to describe the small lodges with the big wooden, full of colors doors. Their initial use was the keeping of the boats of fishermen during the winter, but with the passage of time many of them changed into small seasonal residences. In a field near Klima was found accidentally on 1820, the statue of Venus.  Amazing spot for snorkeling with exploration of the ancient Christian catacombs, half of them above and half of them below the sea level.


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