Open Water

Get Certified! Take the PADI Open Water Diver Course

This is the first integrated level of certification for SCUBA diving. It is the base of your diving experience. If you always wanted to explore the underwater environment and the marvelous new world beneath the sea surface, this is where you begin. PADI certification is worldwide recognized.


What you will learn

The PADI Open Water course consists of three parts:Open Water

Knowledge Development witch you can do online or home study from the Open Water Manual and classroom sessions. During this part you will learn all the basic principles and theory of SCUBA diving so you can have the background to perform a safe dive. Knowledge development topics include SCUBA gear, how pressure affects your body, methods for relaxed diving and many more.

Confined Water Dives
During this part you will master all the basic skills for SCUBA diving: setting up your gear, clear your mask underwater, sharing air, maintain you buoyancy, etc. You will prepare yourself for the Open Water Dives.

Open Water Dives
This is all about! Now you will practice the skills you mastered in deeper water (max 18 metres/60 feet) and your will enjoy underwater tours under the guidance of an Instructor. Καταδυθείτε

How long does the course take?

The PADI Open Water Course is performance based and very flexible.The goal of the course is to learn to SCUBA dive no matter what. The training will be base upon your performance so it is really up to you and your time schedule.

You can choose to take the Knowledge development in a classroom and home study at your convenience or take the theory online with PADI eLearning from your home and then make the confined and open water dives. Either way you will learn the same!


  • Min age 10 years.
  • Students younger than 15 years old will take the Junior Open Water Certification until their 15th anniversary. They will learn exactly the same things as in Open Diver course but the maximum depth for their dives will be limited to 12 metres/40 feet. Students who wish to take the Theory online with PADI eLearning must be at least 13 years due to international internet laws. For more information please contact us (mailto or form)
  • No previous diving experience is required
  • For safety reasons students must complete a medical questionnaire so we determine they are fit for diving. No need for a physician unless you reply YES to a question so for your safety a physician confirmation will be needed.


Learning Materials

Unless you choose eLearning you will be given the PADI Open Water manual to read all the theory and a Recreational Dive Planner (Table or eRDP) to plan your dives.

Continuing Education

After the PADI Open Water Certification you have a variety of programs you can choose such as:
ADVANCED Open Water Course, the next level of SCUBA education
Emergency First Responder course (EFR)

First Aid and CPR.
Specialties: Enriched Air Diver, Digital underwater photographer, Night Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Navigator, AWARE Fish Identification

Start your SCUBA Diving Experience now! Either way you will learn the same!


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